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Start speaking Korean in just 3 weeks!

Learning Korean doesn't have to be hard or costly. With as low as $4.95* per book, you can start speaking Korean in less than a month.

Week 1 – Learn the basic rules of the language

With Korean Grammar with Cat Memes, you can start learning Korean even as a complete beginner. The chapters in the book will help you get off the ground and get a firm understanding of Korean grammar in the easiest way. Basic Hangul (Hangeul) lessons also come with the book.

Week 2 – Memorize only the most useful words

You can't speak the language without knowing the most common words. The Korean Words with Cat Memes series will help you with your Korean vocabulary in no time. Each book comes with over 250 must-know words that were carefully selected one by one. Each word has an example sentence so you can see how it is used.

Week 3 – Practice listening and speaking Korean

Once you understand basic Korean grammar and know more than a few words, then it's time to start learning some phrases. Korean Phrases with Cat Memes comes with hundreds of phrases and example sentences that are actually used by Koreans. And don't forget about the cat memes!

*Prices may vary